District Office, Beckminster Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, WV3 7BQ


3Generate is an event designed to help the Church listen to the voices of our younger generations – and also to offer a fun, faith-filled, large-scale Methodist event to children and young people who are most often meeting in small and scattered groups. It also happens to be the largest gathering of Methodists in the Connexion. 1,200 young people plus their leaders and a 200 strong Event Delivery Team gathered from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime at Pontins at Southport. That’s nowhere near the 10,000 who used to gather at MAYC London Weekend at the Albert Hall “back in the day” – but for a church caught up in a narrative of decline it’s still very good news to hear and to share.
3Generate has been growing year on year. Our District participation reflects that. Whilst previously we have been looking for other Districts to share the costs of a small coach with us, this time we packed out a large one and were still short of space! Many thanks to the group leaders from Wolverhampton, Kidderminster & Stourport, Telford and Dudley & Netherton Circuits for giving time and energy to ensuring our children and young people could join in. Do you have children and young people who might want to join in in 2019? Look out for news on how to book early next year!
One of the things that really struck me was that the focus on “owning and sharing” our faith was much stronger than in some years past. I think that’s at least partly because of the exceptional young adults who took a major part in organising the event. This most certainly wasn’t “Christianity-lite” – this was Courageous Stuff!
I hope we’ll catch a little of that inspiration and energy at the District event on 2nd March when we welcome the President, Vice-President and Youth President. Book the date!