District Office, Beckminster Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, WV3 7BQ

Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy

David represents the hands and feet of the Church amongst the rural and especially the agricultural community.  Pastorally caring and employing listening skills to those involved in a high stress industry.

working for ‘Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy’, he works from his home on the family farm situation in North West Herefordshire and has a cross-border ministry that operates down the Welsh Marches strip, operating across parts of Powys, Herefordshire, Shropshire and North Monmouthshire.

His role includes regular livestock market presence; visiting farmers and their families in times of need; working alongside many secular organisations such as Animal Welfare and Rural Police; mobile sign-posting – referring those in need to the appropriate organisations, secular or otherwise.  He attempts to address both the practical and spiritual needs of those he comes in to contact with.

Representing the needs and concerns of the rural and agricultural communities to the church and wider society is also a big part of his job.  He points to injustice in areas such as that of the food chain, giving a voice to an often unheard people and helping others to understand and engage with our rural agricultural communities.