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Chairs Visit to Rwanda

Rachel (the next Chair) and I are currently in Rwanda visiting some of the projects the District has worked with over recent years.  Rachel has become our official photographer and the following is courtesy of her.

Kigali Memorial

This is the Kigali Genocide Memorial – we visited this shortly after hearing of the events in Paris and prayed together for peace.




Anastase and PHARP


Anastase from PHARP (Peace, Hope and Reconciliation Project) shares a ferry across the river with a herd of goats.






John presents teddies to the gathered community at Rukumbura.






A recipient


And this is one of the recipients of a teddy 🙂







Pastor Geremy and + Samuel


Pastor Jeremy and Bishop Samuel, along with John Howard following the Sunday service at Gikondo.




Rainy Season


It’s rainy season here so we get frequent cloudbursts which led to lots of mud.




The Cow


Today’s highlight was handing over a cow (this is John’s cow – I had another one).  The cow is given to a genocide survivor (Tutsi) so that they can give it to the person who protected them (Hutu).  They share the milk and manure and when the cow calves, the calf is give to the survivor.  It’s a way of giving thanks for an inexpressible gift and of deepening bonds of friendship.  This was the 19th cow given to the very poor village.  Very moving.



Kobagora Hospital Prayers



Tuesday morning began with John and I leading Morning Prayers at Kibagora Hospital.






Shara Church

St John’s Methodist Church, Bloxwich has for some times been supporting this church in Shara, with this funding this wonderful church has been built.  John was very impressed seeing how the standard of living has improved in this area.  A very warm welcome was given to us.



Inside church


This is a picture from inside the Church.





And it was all finished with some wonderful food.