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Courageous Lent: Daring to do things differently

The inspiration for today’s post is the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid. Born in Somaliland, Magid came to the UK as a child refugee in 1994 aged 5, fleeing the Somali Civil War. He arrived with his mother and five siblings, speaking no English. They settled in Burngreave in Sheffield. He was elected a councillor for the Green Party in 2016 and was elected by Sheffield City Council to be Lord Mayor for a one year term. He is the City’s youngest ever Lord Mayor.

During his year in office, Magid seems to me to have combined a respect for the role with a refreshing ability to reinvent it. Whilst attracting some criticism, he has overall become massively popular and brought a real sense of hope to the City, particularly for its young people. Today, on his own Facebook page, he wrote a message to the young people of Sheffield, in which he talks about the need for Courage:

“- Courage. Never let anybody tell you you’re not good enough, not old or ‘mature’ enough, not smart enough. Challenge! Try! Don’t be afraid to do things differently. Not only will you lead the way and break down barriers, but courage is contagious! You’ll inspire everyone around you too!”

That’s a message young people in our Churches need to hear too. I applaud the courage of Sheffield Council in selecting Magid to be their Lord Mayor and his courage in doing things in the way that he feels is good for the City. What a blessing Sheffield has received in return for giving Magid and his family a home!