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Courageous Lent: Spoken Words

A treat today: this is an original piece of Spoken Word written for the Courageous Day Out by our poet-in-residence, Chloe Tissiman, whose faith was formed within the AD33 youth project which was jointly run by Kinver Methodist Church with St Peter’s, Kinver.
Very many thanks to Chloe for the gift of this. It is best read aloud….

We are the courageous ones
who fight fear with faith
and let it propel us into a state
of walking by light and not by sight
eyes fixed on the prize set before us
a hope of something better
that we cannot even comprehend before we walk into the fire.

We are the courageous ones
our battle cry is worship
take courage my heart
the God of angel armies
will not watch us get burnt.

We are the courageous ones
we know the victory
and so we choose to fight for our destiny
we don’t partner with perfection
for we know that promise is the true currency of Heaven.

We are the courageous ones
who know that in this life we will have strife
but our courage is not the denial of the storms around us
courage is knowing that we have a voice to still the storm.

We are the courageous ones
we are the ones who run into the mire
into the fire
into the arms of the one who is calling us higher

We are the courageous ones
who feel the fear
but know the goodness
the protection
the provision
of the one who is always near.

We are the courageous ones
we walk by faith and not by sight
even in the dead of night
we know we are children of the light.

We are the courageous ones
the Joshua generation
continuing on the legacy
that began with His victory.
So don’t let your power lay dormant within you
fight the fire of fear
with the fire of faith

You are the courageous ones
and the most courageous thing you can do
is to believe that the fire is in you