District Office, Beckminster Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, WV3 7BQ

Day 1 Update from Louisa

Hi, At various times we’re getting wifi… So I’m going to type occasional emails and they’ll be sent as and when I’m able. So, we’ve arrived!!! The flight was long and tiring… And all I wanted was to go to bed. We were greeted by Bishop Samuel, Ephastase, Julienne, and Anastase. Big smiles, huge welcomes! This morning was relaxed, a chance to unpack all the resources, knitting and actually see Kigali in the daytime. Wow – its a city of contrasts! The tall sky scrapers on the hill of the city centre, and the shanty communities on all the other hills and very green. We visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial this afternoon … It leaves me with a huge sense of admiration for the strength and hope that come through the displays. Parts of the memorial were harrowing, and you can’t help but ask why did it happen, why wasn’t it stopped. There are parts of it where survivors stories are shared and there are the new graves. As mass graves are found, the remains are being brought to the memorial site and interred here.  To experience the country it is necessary to remember it’s past as the country and its people looks to the future. Lots to look forward to. Saturday is a busy day with visits to more memorials, then spending the afternoon with Drama / Music group and taking part in dancing – how exciting! On Sunday we’re going to different church services across the city. Love Louisa