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Follow me! The adventure of Christian discipleship began with these two simple yet life-changing, world-changing words. Ordinary people in the midst of their everyday lives were captivated by the person of Jesus and set out on a journey that would change both them and the course of human history.

On this page you will find resources to help you, and those you share with, explore and live the adventure of discipleship today. If you have helpful resources to recommend please let me know.

I plan to do;

  • Regular updates on events designed to help nurture discipleship.
  • A book of the month feature.
  • The latest news on Holy Habits.

So please keep checking these pages for updates.

To start things off a reminder that the Methodist Church website has some really helpful reflections on the nature of discipleship and a wealth of resources and recommended resources too. To browse these please go to http://www.methodist.org.uk/deepening-discipleship

Holiness and Justice

The Bristol and West Midlands DMLN team have produced some additional resources to support groups seeking to explore the Holiness and Justice booklet produced by 2016/17 President of Conference Revd Dr Roger Walton and Vice President of Conference Rachel Lampard. These can be downloaded from these hyperlinks:

HJ Cover and Session 1 – Making a Difference:  HERE

HJ Session 2 – Wonder and Amazement:  HERE

HJ Session 3 – A Sense of Holiness: HERE

HJ Session 4 – A gift of Holiness: HERE

HJ Session 5 – Holiness and Justice: HERE

HJ Session 6 –Walking the path together:  HERE

HJ Session 7 Holy Living: HERE

HOLINESS & JUSTICE | A Reflection on Seven Images – PowerPoint:  HERE

If you have any problems accessing this material please email either Andrew Roberts (robertsa@methodistchurch.org.uk) or Liam McKenna (mckennal@methodistchurch.org.uk)

Copies of the Holiness and Justice booklet can be ordered from Methodist Publishing by telephoning 0845 017 8220 or online via:


pdf. copies of the booklet can be downloaded from:


The materials can be used at any time of the year. For those seeking to use the materials in Lent or another period of less than seven weeks we recommend that you simply select which of the seven pictures you work with. We do recommend that you start with the first picture Making a difference and the accompanying material as this sets the tone for the other sessions.

The images are all used by kind permission of the Methodist Pioneer, Presbyter and Artist, Ric Stott. For more about the pictures please visit Ric’s website: www.iaskforwonder.com The additional bible study and prayer material has been prepared by Revd Dr Caroline Wickens.