District Office, Beckminster Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, WV3 7BQ

District Staff

As a District we have a range of staff working in different area’s – their contact details can be found below.

Chair of District – Revd Rachel Parkinson – chair@wsmethodist.org.uk

Rachel Parkinson

Chair’s PA – Mr Richard Lockley admin@wsmethodist.org.uk

Administration Assistant – Mrs Janet Fenney admin@wsmethodist.org.uk


Synod Secretary – Mr Andrew Beattie synsec28@gmail.com

Ministry and Mission Coordinator – Mrs Jo Yair ministryandmission@wsmethodist.org.uk

Safeguarding Officer – Mrs Margaret Reynolds safeguarding@wsmethodist.org.uk


Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy – Mr David Gwatkins brc.gwatkin@ymail.com

Learning Network Officer – Jon Pedley pedleyj@methodistchurch.org.uk