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Methodist Women in Britain

The Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District MWiB Group meets several times each year for learning

Report on MWiB District Day 17 September 2018

Service for the induction of the new District President Margaret Dunn

Rev. Edward Sakwe welcomed everyone to Chadsmoor and looked forward to sharing in the service with the MWIB group.

Rev. Pauline Salter (Deputy District chair) conducted the induction service, during which the former president Mrs Liz Moore, presented Margaret with the MWIB president’s necklace, and the bible which records former past presidents.

The reading from 1 Corinthians chapter 12 v 1 to 11 was read by Sheila Jackson (a former president of MWIB).  Revd Christopher Parkes, assisted by Rev Pauline Salter continued the service with Holy Communion.

The afternoon session began with the new president welcoming everyone who had joined them for the session.

The reading from Ephesians chapter 4 verses 1-13 was read by Mrs. Christine Young (wife of Cannock Chase new Superintendent).

Mrs Carolyn Parkes was the guest speaker for the session and talked about her calling to work as a nurse and midwife in a small community of Eskimos in Nain, Labrador, in the Northern part of the Arctic circle of Canada. Carolyn talked of how she and another midwife Susan ran the hospital in Nain between them along with a few local helpers. Their only contact with the outside world was by phone which could only be used for emergencies. A doctor visited perhaps every six weeks weather permitting. The temperature in Nain dropped to -40c and the area was covered in snow for 9 months of the year, on occasions Carolyn and Susan would be unable to call for emergency help as the plane would not be able to land in such conditions, when this happened they relied very much on their nursing skills and the power of prayer.

Prior to taking on her role at the hospital Carolyn was given an afternoon crash course on dentistry which on occasions she had to undertake, her nursing skills were also on occasions put to the test on the local pets as there was not a vet within the community,

Carolyn showed some lovely slides of the village people and talked about their daily way of life, she told us of how she started a local brownie group for the girls and wrote to an organisation to help with providing uniforms for each of the group. Meetings took place in the hospital because Carolyn and Susan would be on call at all times.

The talk concluded with some beautiful slides of Nain in summer when the snow was melting, and also of the Northern lights which were very beautiful.

The afternoon drew to a close with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

We look forward to our next district day which will be at Hadley Methodist Church, Hadley, Telford TF1 5NG when our speaker will be Mrs Susan Hoddinott talking of her work with the charity SPOCC (society of parents of children with cancer). This is the charity which has been chosen by the president.

Every Blessing

Margaret Dunn

Letter from the President – Sept 2018

Whilst writing this welcome to everyone, it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my journey of the last year and to realize that trusting in God, and actually accepting that God is at the helm. We may think we are in control of the journey we are on, but like Moses, & Samuel God doesn’t give up when he is calling us to do something.

During this last year I encouraged my husband to move house and in what seemed to have been a long, drawn out process, over the last six months we have had to face many challenges, doubts, and frustrations experiencing several highs and lows along the way.  This set me thinking about Ecclesiastes chap 3, Firstly learning to accept that all things happen in Gods time and not our own, therefore being patient and accepting if it was meant to happen at this time in our lives it would happen but it would be in God’s plan not ours.  Whilst it has caused many days of frustration and in the end we made the decision to stay where we are, it also set me thinking, how would God see this period, he would probably tell me to be patient, after all we have a roof over our head, we live in a reasonably peaceable country, we can choose where we live, we are not restricted by war zones, culture or creed. We are not worrying about how to keep warm at night. We are truly blessed in many ways, even though perhaps we don’t always see and appreciated it at the time.

We must be prepared to accept the way God chooses for us and be patient when he challenges us trusting that we hand our lives over to God for strength and reassurance.

It was me who had encouraged this move and it has taken 2 yrs. to get Graham (my husband) to reluctantly go along with this. It was not just on a whim we were moving because where we currently live is isolated, 6 miles from our Church and local community, where most of our social activities takes place. Currently the place we live in offers us nothing in preparation for old age, it is very rural set on the edge of Cannock chase, with no shops near which could provide a weekly shop, no regular bus service, and no Sunday buses. In the winter the road can be closed when it snows causing us to be isolated from communities. This gave cause to me thinking we need to do something before we are too old to move. However this has been a difficult time for Graham as he could not see the reason to move for he loves where we live and isolation at present creates him no difficulty, as we still both drive, but what happens when we don’t drive anymore? These differences of opinion at times can put a strain on a relationship when you are both not seeing the clearer picture, and who’s to say which of us is right. This got me to thinking that we are all God’s children, but we all think and live our lives so differently, so just as Graham and myself thought differently at this time about the move, so we have to accept that we as Christians are on our journey with God at different stages in our christian lives, and as we journey together we must put our trust in God and accept his plan for each one of us. For in the end we shall see God and all will become clear.

When Liz first approached me to take on the president’s role my first thoughts were “how would I be able to do this in my already busy weekly schedule. “  It reminded me of when I retired from work, my work colleague’s saying you’ll wonder how you found time to work, you won’t have time to sit and rest. So you can imagine my first response to Liz was “I don’t think at this time I can give of my best to this role” and left it at that, but God not taking no for an answer still pursued me, and here we are at the start of that journey.

May God bless us all as we journey together through the next two years sharing fellowship and love together.

Margaret Dunn.   District President MWIB


A Review on the House of Bread Day.

Over 60 ladies from around the District gathered on Monday 20th February to learn about what the House of Bread does every week at Rising Brook Methodist Church to share good news and make bread!  We had been asked to bring our aprons and a donation of flour or yeast so we knew what to expect!  Everything was laid out, bowls, jugs, scrapers, scales and with the enthusiastic help of our master baker we learnt about the chemistry of making bread, how the various flours work, what goes on when you add the water to the yeast and a whole lot more.  Then the fun began as flour was weighed, yeast and salt added and warm water measured.  Some were old hands, to some it was a new experience – some of us got the measuring a bit wrong, some of us panicked a bit, but in the end and with patient help from staff and volunteers and aided by lots of coffee from the kitchen, we produced two small loaves each – one to enjoy ourselves, on to give to a neighbour.  This is the idea behind the weekly sessions, sharing news around the table as the kneading progresses, time for informal worship as the bread proves and supporting one another and others in need.  Sounds a very good idea!  At lunchtime we were provided with soup and at tea time we had scones which some of the ladies had made.  All in all a very busy and a bit confusing at times.  While some made bread others were in church doing quizzes and word searches on the theme!  There was a lot of coming and going!

The afternoon was quieter when we shared worship and learned about the plans House of Bread have for the premises they have recently acquired in Stafford, where they hope to run a café, offer space for counselling and advice, relaxation sessions, and whatever else is useful.

Our thanks to the church for their welcome and to the House of Bread folk who could not have been kinder when faced with a lot of ladies who are more used to sitting and listening to a speaker on District MWiB days – this was different!