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The Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District MWiB Group meets several times each year for learning

A Review on the House of Bread Day.

Over 60 ladies from around the District gathered on Monday 20th February to learn about what the House of Bread does every week at Rising Brook Methodist Church to share good news and make bread!  We had been asked to bring our aprons and a donation of flour or yeast so we knew what to expect!  Everything was laid out, bowls, jugs, scrapers, scales and with the enthusiastic help of our master baker we learnt about the chemistry of making bread, how the various flours work, what goes on when you add the water to the yeast and a whole lot more.  Then the fun began as flour was weighed, yeast and salt added and warm water measured.  Some were old hands, to some it was a new experience – some of us got the measuring a bit wrong, some of us panicked a bit, but in the end and with patient help from staff and volunteers and aided by lots of coffee from the kitchen, we produced two small loaves each – one to enjoy ourselves, on to give to a neighbour.  This is the idea behind the weekly sessions, sharing news around the table as the kneading progresses, time for informal worship as the bread proves and supporting one another and others in need.  Sounds a very good idea!  At lunchtime we were provided with soup and at tea time we had scones which some of the ladies had made.  All in all a very busy and a bit confusing at times.  While some made bread others were in church doing quizzes and word searches on the theme!  There was a lot of coming and going!

The afternoon was quieter when we shared worship and learned about the plans House of Bread have for the premises they have recently acquired in Stafford, where they hope to run a café, offer space for counselling and advice, relaxation sessions, and whatever else is useful.

Our thanks to the church for their welcome and to the House of Bread folk who could not have been kinder when faced with a lot of ladies who are more used to sitting and listening to a speaker on District MWiB days – this was different!