District Office, Beckminster Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, WV3 7BQ

Resourcing Mission Committee

The Committee came into being several years ago to draw together the work of the former Property Committee and Grants Committee.

One of our main tasks is to consider all applications to District Advance Fund, a work which is growing in significance as the Connexional continues to channel funding through Districts. Grants can be given for new work involving Personnel, for Property Schemes and for one off projects.

The District Property Secretaries manage Property consent and management matters; all Property schemes come before the Committee for consideration, as does the work of the Manses Secretaries. From time to time various schemes many be submitted by the District Property Secretaries to the District Consents Meeting for further exploration.

Our Disability Advisor can advise churches and Circuits on their responsibilities under the Equalities Act and give advice on making churches disabled friendly, our Ecumenical Officer is responsible for an overview of relationships with other Churches, and our Archivist deals with heritage issues and queries from the public researching family trees etc.

Useful contacts :-

Resourcing Mission Officer and Meeting Secretary – Rev. Derrick Lander

Grants Officer - Mr. Rod Worthington

Ministerial Property Secretary – Rev. Christopher Parkes (Schemes)

Lay Property Secretary - Mr. Keith Walton (Schedules and reports)

Disability Advisor – Vacant

Archivist – Mr. Keith Rothery

District Treasurer – Mr. Chris Reed

CoOpted – Rev. Bev. Boden

District Property


Disability Advisor


District Archives