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The Methodist Church is committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults and as such focuses a lot of attention on the work of Safeguarding.

The Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District has a dedicated Safeguarding Officer called Margaret Reynolds who is supported by a team called the District Safeguarding Advisory Group.  Margaret can be contacted on safeguarding@wsmethodist.org.uk

There is a dedicated Safeguarding Helpline which is 07800 719639.

Guidance on carry out DBS checks can be found here.

Connexional Social Media Guidelines Parts 1 & 2.

It is recognised that the use of technology in its various forms offers opportunities for the Church to communicate with its members and the wider community.  They come with new values and responsibilities, staying within the legal framework, remembering that libel, slander, copyright and date protection laws apply, as does CPD. Guidance for Workers, Parents, Young People aged 11-18 and Children aged 5-10 years are included here to help you in your work in safeguarding.

Part One Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines Part 2

Social Media Guidelines for Workers

Social Media Guidelines for Parents

Social Media Guidelines for Children 5-10

Social Media Guidelines for Young People

The Methodist Church Social Media Guidance Presentation

Other documents that might be of interest to you include the following:

Safer Recruitment

Best Practice in Retaining Records

Self Declaration Forms

Self Declaration New Applicants

Self Declaration Renewals