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Thy Kingdom Come Around the District

Updates from Rachel

Back from pilgrimage to catch up with Thy Kingdom Come on Day 2. This morning I was at St Peter’s in Kinver to join in one of a series of four prayer meetings which are “Beating the Bounds of Staffordshire” at the four furthest extremes of the County. Thanks to Robert Mountford, County Ecumenical Officer, for organising a wonderful opportunity to share focused prayer with ecumenical partners.

Thy Kingdom Come Day 3
7,000 copies of the booklet “Nine Days of Prayer: Waiting in Wonder” have been distributed around the District to be used in reflection and prayer. They combine works from the Methodist Modern Art collection with reflections from President-Designate Michaela Youngson.
It was both fitting and challenging that yesterday’s picture by John Reilly depicted Jesus Feeding the 5000 on a day when we were doing stationing training in the District. It is a classic story of needs being miraculously met in a time of shortage. This is not easy to translate into a situation where there are more Circuits wanting ministers than ministers available to be stationed. We recognised that the story leads us into trusting and waiting upon Jesus in prayer, but also noticed that Jesus puts the onus on the disciples…”You give them something to eat”. The whole scenario also requires the gracious offering of what is available rather than hanging on to what we have in a time of need.
I then popped into Shrewsbury to see the Temenos exhibition in the Participate Contemporary art space. The combination of Richard Stott‘s paintings with poetry from Ian Adams had me gasping in wonder a couple of times. Accessing what it feels like to be a child on a swing at that moment in the arc where the ropes go slack…..walking through a subway towards the light….catching your reflection as you pass a mirror…..all these experiences are captured and directed towards illustrating texts taken from the Beatitudes and elsewhere. It felt like the picture and poem about resistance had been written just for me. It’s on all next week – catch it if you can.

From Around the District

The Dudley and Netherton Circuit have been giving away ‘Prayer Water’ as part of Thy Kingdom Come

Bishops Offley have hosted events at their Chapel

Aldridge Methodist Church hosted a Thy Kingdom Come event last Saturday.