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World Church

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Information about World Church Committee

Our World Church Committee aims to establish, facilitate, develop and maintain relationships between our District and partner churches and Christian organisations in other parts of the World, and also link up with what other districts of the Methodist Church in Britain are doing in this area.

We do this by

o       Committing ourselves to sharing God’s love with others

o       Encouraging our members to share God’s love

o       Establishing channels through which members can take practical steps to being part of God’s worldwide family.

In a more practical way we are:

1. Sharing ourselves, our time, resources and in prayer through the Komera Project which has been working in Rwanda for the last seven years.

  • Members of our district visit our friends in Rwanda more and more regularly than when we started;
  • Our friends in Rwanda do visit us whenever it is possible.
  • We have shared our resources through giving financial support to the work of PHARP (Peace, Healing and Reconciliation Project), the work of the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda at Kibogora Hospital, Pastoral Centre in Kigali and various training programmes.

2. By making sure our District is represented at World Mission Forum which brings together those representatives from our partner churches across the globe and those from the Connexion in the Methodist Church in Britain where we share stories, news and experiences of how God’s love is being shared in His global church family.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your commitment to John’s Wesley’s vision when he said: ‘the World is my Parish’. The world is our congregation and we are each a member of that body.  Through the work of the World Church Committee and so much more going at each local church we are able be part of this congregation in many ways. Once again thank you.